Floral workshops

FLOVVER proposes meetings of floristic practice: the teaching method adopted follows the philosophy of Shirin Yoku and is inspired by the Wabi Sabi aestethic.
A comfortable environment and a guiding teacher accompany the participants in a training course that has the following objectives: getting familiar with the flower and the techniques of floral art; the use of floral experimentation as an instrument of concentration and meditation; obtaining ​​expressive freedom and an opportunity for personal growth.

Floral workshops for novices

Each lesson lasts three hours and deals with a single theme: bouquet, centerpiece, floral crown, wreath, freestyle.

The first level courses are aimed at:
neophytes, all those who are attracted by the world of flowers and its many creative possibilities;
“wanna-be” florists, all those who want to deal with the subject and learn the basics of the floristic art.

For more information, write us at info@flovver.it